The Meaning of Donald Trump

Donald Trump's surprising victory in the U.S. election last month has brought the overwrought among my American friends to profess interest in Canadian residency. I won't hold my breath until they arrive at Pearson.

What I will do is to suggest they read these three pieces – which, read together, help to get at the meaning of Trump's triumph. Whether one approves of Trump or not (and for the curious about yours truly, see here and here), now is the time to reflect on what happened exactly – and why.

First up: President Obama's day-after-the-election interview with Rolling Stone's Jann Wenner. With regard to the results of the previous night, Obama is, as usual, enormously thoughtful – and not a little preening. 

Next, Andy Smarick, writing in The Weekly Standard, is just as thoughtful about a culture of smugness to which (he says) all elites are vulnerable – and which blind them (us) from the reality before our eyes. If you read no other piece, this is the one.

Finally, Mark Lilla, the astute observer of American political (and religious) life, worries aloud in the New York Times about the corrosive impact of the focus on diversity these past couple of decades.