This stunningly eclectic collection reveals why John Moscowitz is one of the keenest minds among this generation of North American Rabbis. He is that rare Jewish leader who doesn't wait for consensus or approval. John never hesitates from speaking the truth as he understands it. John reminds us all that confronting reality takes precedence over loyalty to comfortable ideological beliefs. 
– Yossi Klein Halevi, author of Like Dreamers
What an experience it is to read Evolution of An Unorthodox Rabbi. The depth, the clarity of thinking, the unique writing voice — it's all there and so refreshing. Some of the passages trace history in important ways and will, thus, withstand the test of time — in particular, those on September 11, Israel, and the beautiful sermon on gay marriage. John Moscowitz is a wonderful writer. 
– Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch, Stephen Wise Free Synagogue, New York
You had the imagination to realize that there are special obligations that go with being the rabbi at the oldest congregation in the city. You had influence on a generation and directly influenced the largest Jewish community in this country, allowing people to hear what they would not otherwise have and to think what they might not have thought.
– Norman Doidge, M.D., author of The Brain that Changes Itself
Rabbi John Moscowitz always makes me feel thoroughly at home and in the company of an old and trusted friend. The incisiveness of his mind is only matched by his heart's courage.
 Dr Michael B. Oren, author of NYT bestseller Ally and former Israeli ambassador to the US
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John Moscowitz spent his early twenties as an anti-Vietnam War activist. Eventually dubious about the radical left and alive with love for Israel, he entered the rabbinical seminary in search of his own people. This set him on a path to becoming, as Senator Linda Frum put it, one of Toronto’s “most cherished and effective rabbis.” In this book, John Moscowitz charts the shifts in his thinking on the charged matters among the Jews today: the viability of peace in the Middle East; how we misjudge the nature of evil; and, once having been exposed to the savannahs of East Africa, even the relationship between evolution and the Bible. Part memoir, part social history, this book is a deep examination of a long personal journey, one travelled in public as a prominent rabbi. Along the way, it captures what unites and divides an ancient people today.


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